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Our Good Design Award Winning CoreSafe® Core Trays were created by Prospectors Supplies Pty Ltd, Australia's Leading online Outdoor Professional Store. It services the complete professional outdoor market including the resource sector. Prospectors were established in 1974 and are an exclusive Australian importer of many famous brands. Visit the Prospectors website to find out more about our complete range Prospectors.

After several years of research, development & design in consultation with industry leaders, the award-winning CoreSafe® Core Trays were designed to improve productivity and safety at every stage of the core sampling process, from the initial drill, through your core shed and on to storage. They reduce all the little injuries and hassles that come with traditional core trays, drive down drill costs and increase sample quality and assay speed by improving how your employees and contractors handle and transport core.

CoreSafe® is now manufactured in Australia & Canada and we export CoreSafe® worldwide. 

Please get in touch with us to find out how you can start using CoreSafe® for your next project.

Coresafe, the Coresafe logo, and certain products offered for sale by Prospectors Supplies Pty Ltd & Plateaux CoreSafe Core Inc are protected in a range of countries by one or more of Trade Mark, Patent and/or Design Registrations.

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