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CoreSafe Ultimate Core Tray

CoreSafe Ultimate Core Tray

CoreSafe Ultimate Core Tray

Lots of writing space

Footprint = 1000mm x 385mm
Core Sizes = NQ/2,HQ,PQ
Our Ultimate core trays are designed
for working end to end – 1 tray per metre of workbench.
Wide channel Dividers – room for notes.
Generous side handles.

Manufactured in Australia

CoreSafe SlimLine Core Tray

CoreSafe Ultimate Core Tray

CoreSafe Ultimate Core Tray


Footprint = 1050mm x 333mm
Core Sizes = NQ/2,HQ
Our SlimLine core trays are designed
for working side by side – 3 trays per metre of workbench.
Narrow channel dividers, with the same core capacity as the Ultimate.
Generous end handles. 

Manufactured in Canada


Sahara Formula for Warm Climates




Designed for warmer climates. The Sahara trays are loaded with UV stabilizer to protect the trays outdoors under intense sun. 

Boreal Formula - Suitable down to minus 30 degrees Celsius




Designed for colder climates. Boreal's raw material is designed for working in temperatures down to approximately minus 30 degrees Celsius. Made from virgin materials especially formulated for cold climates without cracking. They are treated with UV Stabiliser for the amount of sun typically experienced in cooler climates. 

Arctic CoreSafe Formula. Suitable down to minus 70 degrees Celsius




Designed for very cold climates. Arctic trays are virtually indestructible. Manufactured from high specification virgin material. The raw material used is designed to cope with temperatures lower than minus 70 degrees Celsius.

See it to believe it! Watch the arctic in action...


CoreSafe has extra ribbing underneath for extra strength

Our unique flat bottom is designed to work with conveyors and to slide with ease on workbenches. It also reduces noise in the core shed.

CoreSafe has no sharp corners. Everything is rounded off

We’ve rounded everything out to remove sharp corners which helps prevent cuts, and catching on clothing.


The supporting ribbing on the bottoms of the CoreSafe core trays prevents flexing when fully loaded making them stronger and more stable than competing products.

CoreSafe has a unique one piece clip on lid which can be locked

Our unique one piece clip on lid with easy to use lid catches. Our lids can be padlocked or cable tied for extra security.

Side & End handles for a natural lift

All of our core trays have side and end handles for easier and safer pick up and handling, reducing strain injuries.

CoreSafe stacks into place to help prevent trays toppling when in storage

Our trays are designed to slide one on the other. When positioned correctly they lock into place forming a stable stack. Any size within a style, with or without a lid can be locked into place.

CoreSafe has ribbing in each channel to help keep core oriented & assists with drainage

Our unique core support ribbing cradles the core and keeps it off the bottom of the tray. This helps maintain orientation during transit, prevents shock damage, crushing and assists with drainage.

Finger Access

The finger access points make it easier to remove the core. Preventing core hiding under edges or jamming up tight against the end of the channel.

Aluminium Tags on all 4 sides for more permanent notes

Tag holders on all four sides.

Optional core markers

Optional Core Markers incorporate aluminium tag holders which can be scribed on for longer lasting notes


Optional drain plugs to retain fines and/or fluids.


4 sets of strapping guides on all of our trays and lids. These are wide enough for truckers ratchet tie downs. The guides help to ensure your trays are very secure during transit without crushing the trays.

We export CoreSafe worldwide